Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New fun stuff

Gifts aren't really a big deal in either of our families... we all love to give, but I know I love buying the little things I know someone loves more than buying some huge, extravagant gift. My big gift from my parents was Electric Quilt 7.

This is one of those things I never really thought about getting or even wanting... mainly due to price. I would never have bought it for myself. I've gotten to play with it a little. I drew up the quilt I am making my husband, just to see it together. I'm also playing around with a few other designs that I can hopefully make this year. It has some very cool features and block patterns. Very fun.

On a trip to Barnes and Noble this week, I also got this with a gift card I was given for graduation last year.

It's also available on Amazon. I actually paid more with my gift card than I would have ordering it on there, but I needed to use it and I don't have to wait for it to get here (like I'll even open it for a few months...). I've really been wanting to learn how to embroider to add labels, or just something special to quilts and other projects. I don't think this is her beginning book, but I liked the patterns in it more.

I'm also using my Christmas cash to get my sewing machine cleaned. It's only been 3 years... that's not too long, right? Maybe that's why she's be mad at me. Hopefully she'll be home later this week! She'll then be taking another trip to my sisters for her to use . Meanwhile, I have my Mom's machine to hold me over!

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