Friday, January 6, 2012


I still forgot to take pictures of all the gifts I made for Christmas, and there weren't even that many!

My mother-in-law requested a bag to carry her lunch/snacks to work with special requests for water bottle pockets. This was a make it up as I went along bag. I used aspects from a few patterns that I had made before, but altered the size, since she didn't want it really big.

The exterior is from Art Gallery Fabrics, purchased from my mom's store, The purple for the handle is from a Moda line, Grand Finale. The interior is one of my favorite parts!

I used a laminated cotton from Joel Dewberry's Heirloom line. I purchased it from, but they don't sell laminates online. You can also find it from a couple places on etsy. I hadn't ever sewn with laminates before, but it wasn't too bad. I had read a suggestion to put tape over the bottom of the presser foot to keep it from sticking to the fabric, which I did. I tried at first to not use pins, so it wouldn't leave holes. Eventually I gave up on this, but I don't think it was noticeable. I also made a matching gathered clutch using the pattern from Anna at Noodlehead.

I went ahead and added the interior card pockets, also.

I also made one for my mom and sister. There was a notebook cover that went along with my sister's, but I don't have a picture of those :(  Here is my mom's.

And the inside....

Everyone loved their gifts! All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas and some much-needed extended time off. :) I hope yours was amazing as well!

My family Christmas morning!

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