Monday, September 30, 2013

Sewing Summit 2013!

Oh, my gosh, you guys... Sewing Summit = best weekend EVER! Way more fun that I had expected! First, I want to give a big THANKS to Caroline and Jessie for talking me into going and hanging out with me! These two are some amazing, local sewing friends, and I most likely wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for them. I'm all kinds of an introvert (understatement of the century... my hubby hung out with my parents while I was gone and apparently he and my mom discussed how shocked they were that I even wanted to go), so large groups of people aren't really my thing. I've read about the last two years of Sewing Summit and really wanted to the chance to get to know more people who love to sew and quilt!

Caroline and I traveled and roomed together, along with her friend Alissa. We had such a good time! Caroline and I couldn't leave until Thursday morning, so we missed the shop hop, and didn't go fabric shopping the entire trip! (It's not like we are running low, but still.)

Classes were so much fun! I realized that I didn't get pictures of all of my projects, but they're in the other room right now, and it's obviously too much work. :) One highlight of the weekend was getting to sew on these babies... Thanks, Bernina!

I made a metal-frame pouch in Elena's class. This was super easy and so much fun! I listened to Leanne Barlow speak about her creative journey and how she went from sewing her own clothes to manufacturing. So inspiring!

I learned about personal branding from Oliva Omega. She is super sweet and funny and gave lots of good advice!

She also made us take selfies... not my favorite. Luckily, I was sitting with Jessie and we compromised :)

My last class the first day was hand-printing fabric with Miriam Tribe. It was a fun class, but when my project started coming together, I was sold! It's so cool. I'm planning a fabric-printing night in the future.

Caroline invited me to a dinner Friday night that was hosted by Elizabeth and Liz of Simple Simon and Co. I sat next to Heather and Sarah Lynn. Heather used to work as a tailor and gave me some pattern-fitting tips! (She's also 20 weeks pregnant... she's so skinny still!)
We rode TRAX back to the hotel and may have missed our stop.
Heather, Katie, Erin, Caroline and Alissa
 Saturday there were more amazing classes! I made mini-dresden plates with Jessie. I still need to re-cut a few pieces and finish mine.
I learned so much from Sunni Standing in her pattern fitting class! She taught us how to take our own measurements, which I need to actually do, still! I also took Merrick's polo refashion class! She is one of the sweetest people I've ever met! Here's my before and after: (complete with the sad before)
Heather Bailey spoke at the closing dinner. After listening to her speak, she is one of my favorite people! She was so down-to-earth and such a great speaker!
I also met and talked with Jessica from Running with Scissors. She taught her simple blouse class (that I didn't get to take). We bonded over our tallness and inability to find clothes that fit!

The roomies and I only made it to open sew one night... we went to be early the other nights (I know, we're lame...)
All in all, it was such an amazing and inspiring weekend getting to be around others who love the same things you do. I can't wait to go back next year!