Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Space

No, not the defunct social networking site. Just my creative space on here to share and get ideas for all that I want to do! I may not be the best at keeping up with it, but I'll try. I love to sew and quilt... I kind of know how to crochet (I made one hat, which did not fit the intended recipient) and am dying to learn embroidery.
Unfortunately, I'm also in the middle of my CPA exam. This means that instead of getting to do all the fun stuff I would like to do, I'm usually studying.
I'm an Auntie to my sweet niece, and a Frauntie (you know-- a friend aunt) to another precious girl and they are usually on the receiving end of what actually gets produced.

Please pardon the state of my blog for now; I promise I'm working on it :)