Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hey Girl. Coasters.

Tell me that you've read the Handmade Ryan Gosling quotes. You haven't? Ok, I just discovered it this week, too. Not sure how I missed out on that. Anyways, go read them. Now. For additional hilarity, read Quilt Dad's post. There's also a Feminist Ryan Gosling and a Law School Ryan Gosling, but Handmade is the best imo.

One of my friends and I have the same sense of humor... not everyone gets it all the time (like my husband- most of the time he does, but he didn't find this funny). I immediately thought of her when I read this and knew she would love it! A commenter on Quilt Dad's post said something about how these should be magnets, so I immediately thought coasters! What a great Christmas present!

I copied a few off of the handmade website and used a few of Quilt Dad's quotes and put them on pictures. I had to redo some of them so that I could crop the picture once they were printed. The text on some wouldn't have fit on the coaster.  Once I had them how I wanted, I uploaded them to Walgreen's to have them printed (since I had to go there the next day anyways, I'm not really partial to Walgreen's, just wanted to save myself a trip. And when I got here, there were only 2 parking spots! Last minute Christmas shopping at Walgreen's? Come on, people. You can do better than that! Walmart is just down the street.)

I stopped by Lowe's and got some 4x4 tiles.

I think next time I'll go with some that are a little more flat-ish and not so textured. Why that wasn't obvious this time, I'm not sure.

I cut felt squares to go on the back. I used my rotary cutter and cut them to 4x4, then ended up rounding the corners before I hot glued them on.

I didn't take pictures of the hot-glue process... I assume you are all familiar with that :)

I picked up my pictures and trimmed them down to slightly smaller than 4x4 (I did between 3.5 and 3.75, depending on the picture). There was only one I couldn't get trimmed down to the right size. This could be avoided by measuring the picture while editing, or something, instead of just "eyeballing" it.

I finished them this morning. I added a layer of mod podge.

Then the picture. (And yes I am working from home today... hence the keyboard in the background. I needed to get this done before leaving town this afternoon. So, I answered emails AND mod podged this morning. Multi-tasking at it's finest.)

Then more mod podge.

Then I let them dry.

I did two coats on a few of them... some had some picutre over hang and I wanted to make sure it was on good. This was the longest part of the process. Here are the finished semi-dry products:

This one needs some explanation... words will not suffice, but I'll take a picture this weekend.

Why are men the only ones that step on them??

This one isn't quite dry...

This won't be much of a Christmas gift, I'm pretty sure she will know it's for her as soon as she sees it. I hope you all have safe travels over Christmas! I need to go pack now....

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