Monday, December 19, 2011

French General Quilt

I had a request from a friend to make a quilt for her mom for Christmas.... last year. I wasn't able to do it at the time with finals, etc, but told her to ask again sometime. Back in May she asked again and I said yes.... surely with 7 months to finish, it would be possible, right? Well, I actually did!

She requested reds and tans, which is a little outside of the norm for me. I'm more of a blue, green and gray girl :). I was at my Mom's store,, and she had just gotten in the Mason de Garance line by French General. I really loved this line! Since I was afraid I wouldn't get it done, I just went with a disappearing nine-patch pattern. I also through in some dark brown for good measure and I'm glad I did. Before I put the border on, it was looking very Christmas-y to me and I was not liking it. I think the border de-Christmased it. I kept the back pretty plain and used one of the prints in the line and bound it with a stripe, which always makes me happy :).

I did a loose stipple for quilting on my Mom's long-arm at her shop. I don't have a walking foot and free motion quilting is rather difficult on my tiny 20 year-old machine. It was a little nerve-wracking quilting for the first time on the long-arm on a quilt that was being made for someone, but I was happy with the way it turned out! I hope her mom loves it!

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  1. Very pretty! I like your toes peeking under the quilt in the bottom picture. :)