Friday, May 25, 2012

Quilt Market: Tula Pink

So I'm a big Tula Pink fan... who's not? I bought Parisville as a gift for myself when I graduated with my masters. I bought some Prince Charming when I passed a CPA exam section. I just ordered more (I decided I needed a bag from it). We'll see if that is a congratulations or condolences gift when I get another score this week. This was my first time getting to meet Tula. (She wasn't in Houston in October, but was there at my first market. I was just tardy to the Tula party and didn't talk to her then.) She is so nice! All the designers are, I just get nervous before I talk to them... and then end up usually not. She reminds me of my friend Molly that I made these for.

We went to both of her schoolhouse sessions. One was for her book that is out and the other was for her fabric lines. Both were great. I really like hearing about the inspiration behind the lines. Here are pictures from both schoolhouses.

She also has super cool fabric labels printed for her lines.

Nightshade quilt backs.

Quilt with Voiles from the new Birds and the Bees line

Here are a couple in her booth.

I didn't take the camera off manual before I gave it to Mom :(

Can you tell I like this quilt? Quilting by Angela Walters, of course!
Aaaaand... we stalked her first book signing on Friday and got copies of her book! It's ah-mazing. Go buy it. Now. I'll wait.

We went by the publisher's booth a little early (we didn't want to miss out and not get one) and made it in time for the book signing before hers, so we got two books :) More on the other later. We also made Tula's Instagram feed!

Me and Tula... BFF.

I love getting to meet fun people! It makes me all that more ok with the ridiculous amount of money I spend on fabric to know that I'm supporting all these great people who do what they love!

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